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Terror in My Arms

click to start reading click to start reading Terrifying psycho suspense thriller as brilliant computer geek female takes a break and rediscovers her love life—with absolutely the last guy on earth. Run while you can! Does she listen? No… reads like one of those incomparable 1980s/90s suspense movies in the tradition of Sea of Love, Blink, and Shattered.

Lethal Journey

click to start reading click to start reading Closely based on detailed historical analysis (book title: Dead Move) of the notorious 1892 true crime that became an instant national sensation. The Beautiful Stranger's mysterious, violent death lives on in the famous ghost legend of Room 3327 at the world-famous Hotel del Coroando near sunny San Diego. NOTE: At Galley City, there is also general info for my Coronado books including Lethal Journey. Or: find complete info (three sub-sites) for my Coronado books under Coronado Mystery.

Orbital Sniper (Doctor Night)

click to start reading click to start reading My Ian Fleming/James Bond homage: sprawling, global espionage and action thriller in a near future world run by corporations and their private armies. Super agent James Gray to the rescue: "Anything goes with Gray." Gorgeous sidekicks include Agent Miranda Coldstream of MI-X. NOTE: Unlike the so-called Bond Girls of last century, the Gray Women of 21st Century generally have Ph.D.s, black belts, military backgrounds, and professional careers. These women are powerful, not to be messed with, but "anything goes with Gray" (wink) is the slogan of adorable and adoring Dr. Dominica 'Minica' Albrisi, Ph.D.-Economics as she takes him home with her.

Siberian Girl (Airport Novel)

click to start reading click to start reading This is a long novel you can read on a plane trip, or at home by the fireplace, or on the beach baking on your towel. It is a historical suspense novel. Background is war and peace 1942-1992. A wealthy Parisian countess goes on a global journey to frame the story of her European military nurse mother and U.S. Navy spy father during World War Two and the ensuing Cold War. She was abandoned as a war orphan in Siberia, adopted by a wealthy Parisian family, and now seeks the truth about her own past. Past edition titles have included Airport Novel (See Website.

CON2: The Generals of October

click to start reading click to start reading Near future political thriller torn from tomorrow's headlines. In a divided and desperate U.S.A., a Second Constitutional Convention leads to a coup d'etat by the Hotel Generals and their corporate handlers. Especially relevant during the turbulent and chaotic 21st Century, when the flight of democracy in the U.S. and around the world has been tossed by scary winds of turbulence. Inspired by classics of the genre including Seven Days in May, The Manchurian Candidate, The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor, and more…

Have Blue

click to start reading click to start reading Have Blue was the actual U.S. Government code name of the top secret F117-A development project in 1970s Burbank, California at the Lockheed Skunk Works. my novel is a techno-romantic thriller, fiction wrapped around key history, to be enjoyed but not taken literally. More to the point: the protagonist is pure fiction, as are most of the other characters. The project itself is true history, which I distilled from nonfiction sources. The underlying science and math are real. The rest is dramatic fun.

Girl, Unlocked (Neon Blue)

click to start reading click to start reading Young female DEA Special Agent Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt in deadly coast-to-coast battle of guns, wits, and razor blades with a major drug ring while she sorts out the questions in her love life in her steamy bi-love dilemma between handsome San Diego millionaire John Connor and ravishing Detective Martha Yee. This was/is the world's first HTML novel, first published online in 1996; historical info at the Clocktower Books Museum Site.

Valley of Seven Castles—A Luxembourg Thriller

click to start reading click to start reading Sizzles with the characters & pacing of 2003 Bourne Identity flick starring Matt Damon and Franka Potente, total update on the classic 1980 Robert Ludlum novel, borrows the 1915 structure of John Buchan's archetypal classic The Thirty-Nine Steps, which led to not one but two of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous thriller movies. Like many of my thriller novels, this novel offers cogent underlying Progressive political subtext in a fast-paced, rousing entertainment and love story. Among highlighted issues: the U.S. remains the only major industrial nation without civilized, universal health care amid a system of corporate theft ($1 trillion/year from our GDP) while murdering "at least" 45,000 citizens through profit-oriented rather than humane and scientific medical decisions (landmark 2009 Harvard University, Medical School, and Cambridge Mass Health Systems study). That does not yet even mention millions of families bankrupted by medical expenses (only in the United States; no other industrial nation) and countless lives shortened in this selfish, greedy, ruthless, sociopathic corporate health care denial holocaust, laughingly called 'health insurance' (more properly called Death Assurance). This novel, like The Generals of October, offers deadly serious, real, major issues wrapped in an entertaining candy wrapper.


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Classic Suspense and Thriller Fiction by acclaimed U.S./European author John T. Cullen, a San Diego and Coronado writer who splits his time between the U.S. and Europe (dual U.S./E.U. citizenships). Over 100,000 words free on this site. Each novel is available on the basis 'read half/try-buy,' the innovative Bookstore Metaphor. More info soon. Site is heavily under construction but will be finished soon. Thanks for your interest and patience—enjoy a great read; there is something for everyone under the broad umbrella of mystery suspense thriller crime fiction.

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